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Inferiority Complex

When you have the fear of losing someone because you know that you can’t have anyone else better than them, but they can have many better than you, you always stay scared of behaving rudely with them. Never would you ever want to behave in a way that, even for a small period, ever in a funny way, hurts them.

Because you are scared. You are scared of being alone all over again. You just want to hold on to that person. And never hurt them.

And maybe that’s why, the people who suffer from an inferiority complex, always take the blame upon themselves even if it is the other person’s fault, just to hold on to that person.

If you fall into that group, you never get angry at that person, you never joke around to piss them off, because you are scared, then even through a joke, you might hurt them. And you may lose them.

It’s easy to comment and advice to not take all the blames upon your shoulders, to not always be the victim, to fight for what is right. But sometimes, in our lives, we meet people, who are more important than right or wrong. You just need to hold on to them. Because that’s all you want.

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STOP dominating your girlfriend!

If you are that guy who thinks that keeping you girlfriend under your control is the way you should treat your girl, then you are a fucking asshole. Who do you think is that girl to you?? A slave?? No dude, that’s a human being who is much more superior to you in many other aspects of life.

I have seen in my life many guys who have this notion, “If you can’t keep your girlfriend under your command, then they will get out of control and will make your life hell.” You sir, are a complete moron.

The greatest flaw our society has had since the beginning of civilization is demeaning women in the society; underestimating the power that women possess and thinking that since men are physically stronger, they should dominate over the women.

And this we see in your homes, where you will see many housewives, but how many househusbands will you see?? Any in your notice?

Our society has blended these thoughts and nurtured them so well over centuries that now we take it for granted that women are less powerful than man.

My dear guys, it’s time that you stop nurturing these myths in your mind. This is not the reality. Women are as good as a man in any aspect of life. Start recognising this.

And this is the reason why guys feel that it is necessary to dominate over their girlfriends. And the most funny part is that they find it really cool if they are able to control their girlfriends and they brag about to their friends, who unfortunately end up enjoying the story because they are greater assholes than that boyfriend guy.

Listen ladies, stand up against it. You are stronger than you think you are. Believe in your abilities. You find a dominating boyfriend, dump him. He doesn’t deserve you. Teach them lessons that they never forget.

And guys, please respect women for who they are. We all are equal. So let’s treat each other equally. Let’s bring harmony into the society that has been missing.

Hope we can change the flow of the tide in our society by our actions.


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How to STOP having fights in a relationship

The major concern for most of the people in a relationship is that they have a lot of fights. And this is very very common. Some fights are small and couples get over it very soon, while others are really complicated and sometimes end up breaking up the couple. 

Here I am going to share a way by which everyone can avoid having fights in a relationship. But before that, there are two criteria that you need to fulfill before following this.

  1. You need to make sure that your partner is the most important part of your life. If you think they are important enough for you to give it your all in the relation, then this is for you. But if you are just having a time-pass sort of thing, then you can leave the post right now. It’s not for you.
  2. You need to let go of your ego. Plain and simple. If you think that the first point is applicable to you, then I guess your partner is more important than your ego. So, let it go.

Now we can move on the solution. Here it is:

Learn to say ‘Sorry’.

It’s a real cliche right? Well it’s a cliche for a reason. It works. Let me explain.

To be able to say sorry is a sign that you have moved ahead of your egoistic complications

The Verbal Explainer

It doesn’t matter what goes wrong in a relationship. Whether you are a guy or a girl, say SORRY. Fights start when either of the two in a relation does something wrong. So, what I am trying to convince you is you should say sorry no matter whose fault it is. It may be your fault, in which case, you MUST say sorry without any question. Or, it may be that your partner is wrong. Well, in that case as well, learn to say sorry. Take it all on your shoulders. 


Well, the main matter is not about apologizing. It’s about self realization. Why do you think fights happen? It’s when your partner does something wrong and you start showing your rage against them for doing something that you didn’t like. Don’t show your rage. Apologize instead.

So how does it work?

When you apologize when it’s not even your fault, your partner will automatically realize that it was their’s. Because you can hide your mistakes from the whole world, but not yourself. Your partner may realize and at occasions may not confess it to you. But when you keep on doing it over and over and over again, then your partner will realize it and you will see a drastic change in your lives, how the fights have reduced and you two are having nicer lives together.  

It’s all about putting your loved one ahead of your ego. Because your ego can result in you losing something that might the most precious gift life has given you. So, start giving priority to people who are really close to you, and keep you fucking ego on the side.

P.S. : I am in a relationship for 2 years now, and we have never been in a fight even for a single time. We both follow this, even without letting each other know. Sometimes I do it, sometimes she does. So trust me. It works.

Good luck. 


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How to maintain long distance relationships

I hate the stars, because I look at the same ones you do, without you


Why long distance relationships break easily?

You all will know the answer to this question. It’s obviously that one of the partners may get bored with the relationship or they lose trust on their partner and suffer from many misunderstandings or they cheat on their partner. It sounds really simple when we read it, but it’s fucking tough in reality. To bear the pain of that is immense.

So comes the next question…

What to do then?

The most important aspect of long distance relationship is trust. No matter what happens, we have trust our partner. We have to trust that he/she is truthful to us in every step and never thinking of betraying us. It’s plain and simple. Because there is no alternative. Let me tell you why…

When we start doubting the other person, we ourselves bring into our own lives a lot of tension and frustration which over the course of times becomes overwhelming and we start to hate our relationships.

This is extremely unhealthy. This is the trigger that ultimately leads to breaking up. We must remove the idea of doubting our partner completely from our mind. Just trust. We may have fights and bad moody days, but should never fail to trust that our partner loves us a lot.

This allows us to stay happy and this is directly proportional to the happiness of our partner. This is how we bring joy into the relationship. Even though far apart, we still need to have the connection.

The other important factor: Patience

We need a lot of patience in long distance relationships. It is sometimes too much for some to bear. But we need to hold on. If our partner is really special for us, if that person is really “The One” for us, then we should hold on. Let’s hold on to our patience, because no big thing in this world happens on the snap of a finger. Not everyone is Thanos after all. Every great things demands a lot of patience, so if it really something great for us, then we must be.

The moment we lose patience, that is the moment bad things start to happen. We become restless, we lose control, we say and do stuff that hurt them, and some words one spoken can never really be taken back. So let’s keep our nerves calm, because someone special is waiting for us.
But what if they actually betray us??? What then?

Let me make on thing really clear, if we give your best in a relationship and our partner still leaves us, betrays us and cheats on us, then we have nothing to do. Either their desire from us was much more than what we could deliver or they would have left you even if we were with them. They were meant to leave us.

So let’s make sure we give them our best, make them feel like they are the most special person in our lives. Then if they still leave us, then we know that we were not the reason for that. The fault is not with us. This is how we can console ourselves and move on.

So let’s love and be loved. #AS #STAR

Trust and be Patient