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Be the smartest hard worker

I have always had people around me talking about there being no alternative to HARD WORK. But I personally believe there is actually a better way. And that’s SMART WORK. I think you all readers know about this. But I still want to mention this because I believe that hard work won’t reap any results unless we know what we are working on and what sort of efficiency that work actually demands from us. With SMART WORK, we can increase our efficiency and thus reach our goals in a much better and easier way.

But SMART WORK for a short period of time will only give us limited success. Think of someone who is hardworking as well as a smart worker. Think about the level of success he can achieve. Isn’t it mouth watering to think of such high success? It is for me, and I am sure for many of you as well. So go out there, do what you love, love what you do and work HARD but don’t forget to be SMART.


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How to wake up early

Waking up early can be a real pain in the ass for most of us. But it can be a real blessing if we learn how to do it. It is extremely essential to keep this in mind that waking up early does’t mean sleeping less. It means sleeping for the exact amount of time that you need for your body’s proper functioning, but a little early in the night. Make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep in the total 24 hours of the day. 

It is understandable that it will be hard for all of us who are late wakers to  get into the groove real quick. And that is the reason why I have come up with this solution that would help you wake up without much hesitation.


In order to do that, we need to just do one thing. Select a Purpose.

Every single night before going to bed, thing of one task that you would do first thing after getting up. But in order for you to put get your ass out of bed, you need to make that purpose as exciting as possible. It might be a hobby, it might be a fantasy or any sort of shit that you would love to do.

Let me give you an example. I love playing cricket. So, whenever I would plan to go out to play the next morning, I wouldn’t hesitate even once before waking up. Because I would be doing something that I love. And procrastinating in that case was not even a question. So, as soon as my eyes would open up, I would get out of bed, brush and run out of my room to the field. I had an extra energy.

That’s why choose something that you are passionate about; because…

 Passion always beats procrastination

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The single greatest tip to learn anything with full interest!

The need to study with interest

The most important aspect of learning something with complete understanding of the subject matter is having interest in the topic. The most common mistake that we do is just reading the topics, understanding it for the time being and then forgetting it after the exams are over. The reason is that we don’t find interest. And when we don’t find interest in anything, we send a signal to the brain that it is not important for the long run and thus the brain settles this information into the unconscious mind after we have lose touch with the topic.

We need to find interest in the subject to let our brain know that it is important to us, which will enable it to store the information in the conscious mind.

But how do we do that?

The most important thing that we need to do in order to find interest in any subject is by asking ourselves the question, “How is this applicable to my life?” This is so important because when we realise the importance of something in our lives, we care about it. We try to understand how it works and how it effects us. And that is what enables us to remember things and utilise it whenever required.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you are studying about electricity and how it is conducted. If you don’t find interest in it, you will only remember it for sometime and then forget after you have written the examination. Now suppose one day you have a problem with the wire connection of the light in your room on the night before your exam. You can’t find any electrician at that time of the night. So you decide to fix it yourself. You go to Google or YouTube and search “How to fix a tube light?” And you learn how to do it, you fix the light and you are back to your study.

What you did here is applied the lesson of electricity and its conduction into your daily life and this will stay with you forever. So next time you have the same problem, you don’t have to call your electrician for the work, you can do it yourself. Because you know how it’s done and how the thing works.

This is what I mean by saying understanding the importance of any subject in your life, which makes you capable to learn it for a lifetime.


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Having a hard time in school? Read this!

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

-Mark Twain


Are you a weak student? You are finding it hard to be on top of your studies and crushing it? Do you think you are made for something else? Listen to me, its okay. I am also a student and I am not a topper. This does not mean that I am a failure. Life is a lot bigger concept than just passing an exam and getting a degree. You may not be good at school or college or university or wherever you are, but you must be good at something, something that you love, something that you crave to do. If you don’t already know what is that, then figure it out. All of us are designed to do something or the other in a way that is better than anyone else in this whole freaking world. Being a class topper is not the only thing.

Here in India, we have this orthodox notion that if you are not academically highly qualified, then you are good for nothing. We feel ashamed of telling people that we are not highly qualified. Don’t be. Just don’t. Look at the world around you and look the people who have made it big in this world. Are they all THE most academically strongest people? No. Some are and majority are not. This is because they recognized what they were good at and they gave it their all to get that.

What we get taught in school is limited. But outside of that, there is a huge world of opportunities that is waiting for us to go and grab.

Of course education is important. If you are not educated you will fall behind in the world. But being educated doesn’t just mean to qualify exams and get good grades. It’s about learning how to do things that the world currently thinks is the best. But this should not limit you. Education is meant to give you the vision that will allow you to invent ways to do things that no one has ever thought of.

So, don’t get ashamed or be demotivated if you are not scoring good grades. It actually opens up the while world outside for you to explore, doing things that you are good at.

I am happy that I am not a class topper. And that is the reason why I am able to sit here and write this blog at 3 am in the morning, when I know that I have an exam at 8 am. I have the freedom of doing what I love, doing what makes me happy.

The MOST important thing for you to do is identify your strength. What you are good at, what you love, what gives you happiness and fulfillment? And then start chasing it. Because this is what you are born for. Not just passing exams to be the topper.