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Today’s Goodness #11

Whenever you face a hard time in life, stay put. Don’t let yourself loose. Hold on tight. Grind it out. Have patience.

Life will test you with many obstacles. If you have perseverance, you will win. There is no doubt about it.

You may have seen batsmen playing in tough batting tracks and unable to score. But the ones who grind it out and don’t give their wickets away, are the ones who succeed in the end.

Be that patient batsman!

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Today’s Goodness #10

Life will be more beautiful if you start giving and stop taking.

Let’s make it a mission in our lives to give more than what we take. We take a lot from the world, from our parents, our teachers, our friends, our loved ones; but have we ever wondered how much we give back for what we have received?

So from today onwards, let’s make it a motto that we will give more than what we take from this world.

If everyone starts doing this, the world will be such a better place to live in.