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Today’s Goodness #15

Life is full of good and bad stuff. We cannot avoid the presence of either of the two. So it’s really important that we enjoy both.

Life is not about suffering. It’s about having the ultimate pleasure one can have. So let’s start enjoying the hard times because that’s how we can convert even those worst moments into enjoyable parts of our lives.

Let’s be happy!


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It is really important to take care of your relationships with sincerity. This is what keeps relationships thriving!

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How to fight through tough circumstances?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you are completely out of your comfort zone and no one around you is supportive of what you are doing? Yes, we all have been there. This is the time we mostly quit and set ourselves back to our comfortable lifestyle.

But this is not the right thing to do. And we all know it. So how to fight through that? How to be motivated during those situations?

Well one of my friends once told me a quote, which I have posted in my Instagram account, which says, “Never say Why Me? Always say Try Me!” And this is such a motivation booster that we don’t realise until we actually utter this from our mouth.

Just try this – Whenever you are in tough circumstances, just look around yourself, smile and tell the Universe “Try Me!!” And things will drastically change. You will feel more confident and even thrilled to be in a situation like this because now you can show your true power to the Universe.

So why does this happen?

Whenever we say stuff like this, we become more aware of our strengths and forget our weaknesses. And that is what makes us perform better and be more productive. There is this famous saying that always focus on your strengths and not weaknesses. And this is the ultimate deal. If you want to win, concentrate on what you can do best and execute it.

That’s how winning is done!!

P.S. – A special thanks to my friend Samyak Aditya for providing me with the theme of this post.