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So she set to build two tombs.
If one didn’t fit the other would.. She was desperate to die.
He agreed, she was.
Toiled day and night, did she.. building and building..
Dawn till dusk till dawn again.
Sweat to tears to dirt again.
When the work was finally done, she went inside the first one.
It wouldn’t fit. Too small, why so small?
Seethed, she glorified that she built a spare.
Quickly she got out so in the other she would wear.
It didn’t fit either.
Frustration then fury then outrage-a-bitter.
She toiled times two! Why won’t they fit, too! He showed up.
Picked her up with His mighty arms, knocked her out and stripped her.
First He stripped off something called Misery. He put misery in the first tomb, it fit too perfectly.
Then he stripped off another called pain and put it in the second tomb. Perfect fit.
Gently He placed her back in His fold.
When she woke up she was FREE.

By Sudhakhina Gupta (Teacher, writer and artist)

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You don’t want to compare your position in someone’s life with someone else, because you know for a fact that you aren’t even close to being as important.

But ultimately you do.

And that’s when it HURTS!

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Random Thought

Has it ever happened to anyone of you that you wanted to speak out about something important that you haven’t been talking of and the moment before you start to talk, someone else points out that you haven’t been addressing that issue for such a long time.

You wonder, maybe if you had picked up the topic a few seconds beforehand, then no one would have pointed fingers at you.

I guess many of you have faced this situation. I know I have a lot of time. But sometimes the things are so serious that you realise it has been extremely irresponsible of you to not have picked up the issue earlier.

I know its a random post. May not make sense to most people. But sometimes, these small issues, leave major marks in our lives.

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I wait here,

In the midst of nothing;

Waiting for spurs of brightness,

That’s nowhere to be seen.

Emptiness fills the heart with grief and uncertainty,

I have tickled the truth and lie here as casualty.

Although I feel like a culprit, waiting to be forgiven,

But deep down I know, you shouldn’t be hurt is all I meant.

-The Verbal Explainer

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Loved Ones

Nothing really matters if you don’t have your loved ones to be with you.

You may be having everything going your way, be it your career, your passion, your goals, your dreams etc., but nothing will make you happy if the ones you love are not there to see it.

We all want those few people to be with us during our good times, to see our success, to appreciate us for what we have done. Because this is who we are. We are humans. We long for appreciating and validation from people that matter to us.

So, no matter what you do, no matter how big your goals and aspirations and dreams are, never compromise your loved ones for those aspiration. Because, at the end of the day, you might have everything you ever wanted, but if you don’t have your family and friends around you, NOTHING WILL MATTER!

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Dreams! Such an amazing thing. Keeps you high all the time. When you’re young, you think of accomplishing all of your dreams and being the happiest person alive. Such a beauty of a time in life!

But as you grow older, a horrific word RESPONSIBILITY hits hard. And when responsibility hits, dreams go out of the window.

Lucky are those who have followed their dreams and lived a life of their choice. And why just lucky, brave they are as well. And their bravery pays off in their journey towards their dreams.

But for some, the dream remains a dream forever. We face situations in life, where you get stuck. Maybe it’s for your family, maybe for a financial reason or whatever it may be. Some of us get stuck. And we never come out of it.

Sometimes the time flies by and sometimes its the zeal that no longer exists.

It’s a funny thing, DREAM. Takes you to such highs, and then throws you down with such a thud, that many are never able to get up from there.

So, what do you do? Give up and regret? No. We always have a choice. The choice of thought. The choice of perception.

We got only one life. It’s our duty to make it good. Irrespective of what situation we are in, irrespective of what dreams have been shattered, we have to find a way to look at the bright side. Because if we don’t, then how can we be happy?

We have to trick our mind to be happy. Because as we all know: It’s all in the mind!

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There are things that you do in life that you think you can let go, but you CAN’T. And sometimes it haunts you every now and then and you desperately try to find a way to forget it or get it out of your system. But again, you CAN’T do that either.

It’s so hard to live with regret and guilt because it eats you up from the inside and you just can’t bear it. A time comes when you just can’t hold on any longer. And that’s when something disastrous happens.

But the truth is, it’s not about forgetting the past. It’s about understanding what was done earlier and not repeating the mistakes that were committed.

Try to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have done. Because no one else other than your own image of yourself matters the most. So try to forgive yourself and you will see the world changing around you.

The past will never leave you. So better be friends with it. Use it to your advantage and rule the world.


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It’s hard sometimes

It’s hard when you live your life thinking about the happiness and sorrow of other people because you keep theirs ahead of yours. You want everything to be best for them even though you have to pass through a horrible experience.

Life becomes so difficult at times because your close one’s happiness is more important to you. And their sorrow makes you more sad.

You are not able to control their lives, but anything that happens in theirs, effects you.

The thing is, sometimes we need to think of ourselves as well. What we want, what we need, what makes us happy.

But life again puts you back in that cycle and you just can’t get out of it.

It’s hard sometimes.

Really hard!

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The ultimate goal!

In our lives, whatever we do, has only one ultimate goal. And this goal doesn’t vary depending on the kind of the deed we are doing.

Be it earning a lot of money, or wanting to be the best doctor, or even the desire to be the best parent; the ultimate goal is to be HAPPY!

We all have many wishes in your lives, desires that we would love to turn into reality. I have a desire to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo. But what will buying a Lamborghini ultimately give me? It’s happiness. Thus, happiness is the key to our desires.

We never desire of doing anything that will make us sad or angry or anxious. We always choose to do the things that make us happy.

So, instead of keeping our lives biggest goals as earning a lot of money, or being the greatest player or any other field you might be interested in, I think it’s important to keep the ULTIMATE GOAL of our life to be Happy. Because once being happy is our goal, we will always choose to do things that will ultimately lead us to success.

Suppose you love playing guitar. And this gives you the greatest joy. So, spend most of your time playing the guitar. The result will be that you will be an awesome guitarist and consequently a successful one.

Thus, we can achieve success by following what doing what gives us happiness.

Be happy!

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Being happy

It is a choice. Nothing else!

If you want it to be, it will be. If you don’t, it won’t!

Life is afterall a compilation of the choices that we make. And being happy is the most important one.

We may be surrounded by atrocities and hardships, but there is always a silver lining among the dark clouds. We need to see through those dark clouds at the shining sun which is ultimately going to shine bright. Clouds are temporary, but sunshine is permanent.

He who can see through the dark clouds into the shining sun, is the recipient of the world’s greatest happiness.

– The Verbal Explainer

Sometimes it seems impossible for us to be happy. But as I said, it’s a choice. You can be sad and listen to more sad songs and be even more sad. Or you can turn your mind’s attention to the happiest moments of your lives and listen to something beautiful or some comedy and be happy.

It all depends on you, how you want it to be.

The brain that we possess is extremely powerful and we have no idea about its extent. So why not explore it in different ways? Why not be happy at all times?

Let’s make the right choice and be happy.