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So she set to build two tombs.
If one didn’t fit the other would.. She was desperate to die.
He agreed, she was.
Toiled day and night, did she.. building and building..
Dawn till dusk till dawn again.
Sweat to tears to dirt again.
When the work was finally done, she went inside the first one.
It wouldn’t fit. Too small, why so small?
Seethed, she glorified that she built a spare.
Quickly she got out so in the other she would wear.
It didn’t fit either.
Frustration then fury then outrage-a-bitter.
She toiled times two! Why won’t they fit, too! He showed up.
Picked her up with His mighty arms, knocked her out and stripped her.
First He stripped off something called Misery. He put misery in the first tomb, it fit too perfectly.
Then he stripped off another called pain and put it in the second tomb. Perfect fit.
Gently He placed her back in His fold.
When she woke up she was FREE.

By Sudhakhina Gupta (Teacher, writer and artist)


An unorthodox student, trying to break the shackles of stereotype learning and social practices

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