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Inferiority Complex

When you have the fear of losing someone because you know that you can’t have anyone else better than them, but they can have many better than you, you always stay scared of behaving rudely with them. Never would you ever want to behave in a way that, even for a small period, ever in a funny way, hurts them.

Because you are scared. You are scared of being alone all over again. You just want to hold on to that person. And never hurt them.

And maybe that’s why, the people who suffer from an inferiority complex, always take the blame upon themselves even if it is the other person’s fault, just to hold on to that person.

If you fall into that group, you never get angry at that person, you never joke around to piss them off, because you are scared, then even through a joke, you might hurt them. And you may lose them.

It’s easy to comment and advice to not take all the blames upon your shoulders, to not always be the victim, to fight for what is right. But sometimes, in our lives, we meet people, who are more important than right or wrong. You just need to hold on to them. Because that’s all you want.


An unorthodox student, trying to break the shackles of stereotype learning and social practices

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