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Dreams! Such an amazing thing. Keeps you high all the time. When you’re young, you think of accomplishing all of your dreams and being the happiest person alive. Such a beauty of a time in life!

But as you grow older, a horrific word RESPONSIBILITY hits hard. And when responsibility hits, dreams go out of the window.

Lucky are those who have followed their dreams and lived a life of their choice. And why just lucky, brave they are as well. And their bravery pays off in their journey towards their dreams.

But for some, the dream remains a dream forever. We face situations in life, where you get stuck. Maybe it’s for your family, maybe for a financial reason or whatever it may be. Some of us get stuck. And we never come out of it.

Sometimes the time flies by and sometimes its the zeal that no longer exists.

It’s a funny thing, DREAM. Takes you to such highs, and then throws you down with such a thud, that many are never able to get up from there.

So, what do you do? Give up and regret? No. We always have a choice. The choice of thought. The choice of perception.

We got only one life. It’s our duty to make it good. Irrespective of what situation we are in, irrespective of what dreams have been shattered, we have to find a way to look at the bright side. Because if we don’t, then how can we be happy?

We have to trick our mind to be happy. Because as we all know: It’s all in the mind!


An unorthodox student, trying to break the shackles of stereotype learning and social practices

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